About me

Tjerk Timan Principal Consultant in Technopolis Group. Here he works on questions of societal and organizational embedding of ICT innovations such as AI, SSI, digital identity, data governance, data protection impact assessments, data spaces and social-and ethical impacts of new digital technologies in public- and private sectors. He has experience in setting impact assessment approaches, setting up stakeholder consultations and conducing in-depth interviews and analysis on digital policy on regional, national and EU-level. He has also worked on ‘by-design’ approaches, data-driven policymaking (via Policy Labs) and sandboxing and assessing the use of AI in the public sector (via so-called AI Oversight Labs). He brings 10+ years of combined academic-and applied research experience in the fields of policy and regulation of digital technologies, science-and technologies studies, and ethical, legal, social and organisational impact assessment methods (ELSA)

He has experience in European projects related to digitization project in different contexts (H2020, HEU) and in delivering policy options and analysis (for a.o. STOA< JRC, several Dutch ministries). Recently his focus area has been AI regulation and sandboxing, standardisation in data-and information infrastructures and developing services and guidelines for data spaces, and data-driven foresight approaches to developed digital strategies. He publishes and presents about data, AI, devices, policy, regulation and public values in relation to digital technologies regularly.

Tjerk holds a PhD ion Science-and Technology Studies from the University of Twente (NL), and MA in media studies from the University of Amsterdam (NL) and a BSc in Industrial Design from Eindhoven University (NL). He was a visiting scholar at the Management School of St. Andrews University, Scotland in 2017

My recent  CV (Europass format) can be downloaded here.