Talks and panels

Invited talks

25 November 2021. ‘How to regulate disruptive technologies’. Block.IS project conference. Brussels, Belgium

10 December 2020. ‘Privacy Preserving Technologies: The state and role in EU research projects.’ PIlab (online conference).

20 October 2020. ‘Biometric surveillance in  Amsterdam’, Amsterdam City TechTalks, Rode Hoed (cultural centre Amsterdam), Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

14 October 2020. ‘How do SMEs in Europe successfully adopt and use blockchain?’ DigitalSME blockchain forum [online conference].

26 May 2020. ‘Indo-Dutch innovation during crisis. The role of data & AI’ Crowdcast: Webinar #2 , WorldStartup [online conference].

2019 (March) Ethical frameworks as a way to design information flows. Police Academy Study Day, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands (together with Antoinette Gelton)

2018 (November) Digitisation and digital research methods for work and health research (TNO internal training day), Leiden, The Netherlands

2018 (October). AI and work – “tegenlicht” documentary for Dutch TV: Panel discussion at Pakhuis De Zwijger, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2018 (September). Policylab – the Rotterdam case. Lecture for the Dutch Ministry of Interior Affairs , The Hague, The Netherlands

2018 (August). The power of data-driven innovation. IDC online webinar.

2018 (June). Privacy, data and ethics. Radio 1: Dutch radio appearance. (see

2018 (May). Policylab – the Rotterdam case. Lecture for the ScienceWorks training course “Effective policymaking with data science”. Utrecht, The Netherlands.

2018 (March) Privacy in Public Space. ROC teacher conference. Haarlem, The Netherlands

2017 (November) Privacy in Public Spaces – Invited talk for “Craftingprivacy010” conference, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. 

2017(September). Presentation “Privacy, data protection and policing”. TNO internal strategy day for the Dutch National Police.

2017 (June) Privacy and Data analytics. Speaker and workshop leader for CIP/ Hague Security Delta event on GDPR compliance for Dutch organisations.

2016 (November) Surveillance Theory and Dataveillance. Invited lecture for The Hague Security Delta. Course for professionals in the field of policy and technology surrounding cybercrime and security.

2016 (July) Invited talk at the Everyday Futures workshop. Lancaster University, UK. (

2016 (April) Big Data and Privacy. Invited lecture for the ASSET conference, Tilburg,The Netherlands

2016 (March) Privacy, tracking technologies & location data. Invited lecture for the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens (, the Dutch Data Protection Oversight Committee.

2015 (November) Beyond privacy and data protection; Strategies for sustainable data science. Invited lecture for the Data Science master, 9th of November Tilburg, The Netherlands.

2015 (November) CCTV and regulation. Invited talk for eLaw network, 6th of November, Tilburg, The Netherlands

2015 (September) Les médias sociaux et la surveillance en réseau. Invited lecture for the Media and Communication department, Universite Lille 3, France.

2015 (January) Who’s app is it anyways? Invited talk at the ‘tracking cultures’ workshop, Aarhus, Denmark.

2014 (December) Social media surveillance. Invited lecture for “New media and Surveillance” course, HvA, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2014 (March) Invited discussant “Emerging ICT for Citizen Veillance” workshop, European Commission – Joint Research Centre (JRC), IPSC – Institute for the Protection and the Security of the Citizen Digital Citizen Security Unit

Conference presentations

16 February 2023. Data spaces – EOSC interaction. EOSC symposium, Pisa, Italy

5 November 2020. ‘Beyond ethical frameworks: how to involve citizens in the development of AI. EBDVF 2020 [online conference]. With Anne Fleur van Veenstra.

15 July 2020. ‘Openness Online: The role of strategic visibility in the debate on cyber norms’. Closing the Gap conference. With Ilina Georgieva.

14 November 2019. ‘Framework conditions around data4AI’ . E-SIDES conference, Brussels, Belgium.

4 – 6 November 2019. ‘Responsible data innovation’ 4th conference on Technology Assessment, Bratislava, Slovakia.  

2019 (April) Privacy-Preserving Technologies and data4AI. IDC workshop, Brussels, Belgium.

2018 (November) Panel member “Privacy data protection and trust – technological solutions for trust in the data economy”. EBDVF conference 2018, Vienna, Austria.

2017(October). Presentation “An overview of data regulation in Europe”. IDC workshop on future scenarios for the Digital Singe Market, Brussels, Belgium.

2017 (May) Data Science methods (mis)interpretations. Keynote lecture for Big Data, Law & Ethics conference, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

2017 (May) Privacy-by-Design beyond the screen. TILTing perspectives conference, Tilburg, The Netherlands

2017 (February) Turning surveillance on its head: The role and (double?) meaning of participation in studying surveillance.CRISP Conference Being digital: Digital technologies and citizen-centred approaches to participation, surveillance and privacy, University of Stirling, UK.

2016 (October) Digital Methods and tools for social science – an introduction. Lecture at the Digimethods seminar, St. Andrews University, Scotland.

2016 (July) The role of Intermediaries in Post-Paris EU regulation on surveillance RegGov conference, Tilburg, The Netherlands.

2016 (April) Bodycameras a US/NL comparison of police experiences. Surveillance & Society Bi-annual conference, Barcelona, Spain.

2015 (May)  “mHealth and Surveillance”. STS-Graz conference, Graz, Austria.

2015 (April) Bentham, Foucault and beyond – panel presentation at the TILTing conference, Tilburg, The Netherlands.

2013 (June) Bodycameras in Dutch policing. STePS research days, Utwente, The Netherlands.

2012 (October) New media and surveillance. Panel presentation at 4S/EASST conference, Copenhagen, Denmark 2012 (2-4 April) “Citizen Surveillance in the nightlife”.

2012 (April) Citizen Surveillance in the nightlife. Panel presentation Bi-Annual Surveillance & Society conference. Sheffield, UK.

2011 (June) Watching and being watched. Panel presentation at the “Watching and Being Watched” conference , 2011, York, UK.

2011 (November) New technologies of surveillance?. Panel presentation at the 4s – bi-annual meeting, Cleveland, US.

2011 (October) STS and the politics of code: setting a research agenda. STePS research days. Utwente, The Netherlands

Organisation and moderation of scientific and professional events

2022 (March) Fairness in Algorithmic Decisionmaking. Principle organiser of a week-long Lorentz-Nias workshop, Leiden, The Netherlands

11 – 12 February 2020. ‘First Peer Learning Workshop on the use and impact of AI in public services’. JRC AI watch, Brussels, Belgium. With Anne Fleur van Veenstra and Gabriela Bodea.

19 – 23 August 2019. ‘Data protection in the era of big data for artificial intelligence: current trends and solutions in privacy-preserving technologies’, IFIP summer school, keynote lecture, Brugg University, Swisterland. 

2019 (June). Policy4data – challenges and lessons learnt for the BDV projects. Panel @ the Big Data Summit, Riga, Latvia

2019 (June). Data Driven Business Modeling. Workshop @ the Big Data Summit, Riga, Latvia

2018 (November). Panel moderator “Getting your idea investor-ready”. EBDVF conference 2018, Vienna, Austria.

2018 (September). Mapping user expectations of a Once Only Principle. TOOP conference, Vienna, Austria.

2017 (May) Panel chair “ Money, mass media and big data”, TILTing conference, Tilburg, The Netherlands.

2017 (May) Lorentz-Nias workshop organiser for the workshop ‘Privacy-By-Design- Beyond-the-Screen’. Lorentz centre, Leiden, The Netherlands

2016 (June) Panel chair “Mass surveillance – EU regulatory responses after Paris and Brussels. RegGov conference, Tilburg, The Netherlands

2015 (October) Panel chair “ Privacy Bubbles in public space”. APC conference Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2015 (May) Panel chair  “mHealth and Surveillance”. STS-Graz conference, Graz, Austria

2015 (April) Panel chair “Privacy as a Value for Health IT”. TILTing conference, Tilburg, The Netherlands

2015 (January) Scientific workshop “privacy futures”. Multi-disciplinary symposium with internationally renowned scholars on privacy in the 21st century.

2013  CTA workshop “telecare”. Multi-stakeholder workshop with engineers, doctors and patients on current-and future scenarios of telecare.