Teaching (most recent)

Invited lectures

(2017, February) Lecture “Re-inventing Privacy for the 21st Century, why and how?” School of Management, St. Andrews, UK.

(2016, December) Guest lecture “Data science and Technology Assessment”, Data science Master, Tilburg Law School, The Netherlands

(2016, October) Guest Lecture “Surveillance: what is it and how can we think about it” for the  regulation and technology MA course, Tilburg Law School.

(2016, October) Guest Lecture “How to research surveillance – theory, methods and practice” for the TOPclass course, BA ,Tilburg Law School, The Netherlands

Course coordination

(2015- 2017) MA thesis coordinator for the LLM course Law & Technology, Tilburg Law School, The Netherlands

(2015) “Information visualisation and data science” Honours lecture series for Erasmus University Rotterdam

(2014 – 2015) Course coordinator and main lecturer: Computer Vision and Surveillance: Big Data and Visualisation. PhD course for the Erasmus Graduate school.

(2014) TOPclass Tilburg University – course on digital surveillance and practices of sharing.

(2014) Data Science and Surveillance – Honours lecture series for Erasmus University Rotterdam

(2013-2014) Main lecturer and tutorial coordinator: Digital Research Methods. MA course for Media and Communications, Erasmus University Rotterdam.

(2013, Sep-Dec) Digital Research Methods – MA course Media and Business for Erasmus University – main lecturer, design of course, lecturing, workgroups, feedback, writing skills, creating exam, grading.

Teaching Assistent

(2015-2016) MA course “privacy in the 21st century” . Honours course, Tilburg Law School, The Netherlands

(2015, September) “Privacy for the 21st century“, TA in honours-course for Tilburg Law School

(2014- 2015) Communication Technology and their Impacts – BA course for IBCoM for Erasmus University – workgroups, small lectures, feedback on writing skills, grading

(2014- 2015) Digital Research Methods – MA and PhD workshop for Media and Communication, Erasmus University, main lecturer, design of lectures and workshops, research design feedback, methodology and methods-feedback, explanation of tools.

(2011- 2012) Surveillance Technologies in public space – BA course Advanced Technology for University of Twente – lecturing, writing skills, feedback, co-developing course exam

(2011 – 2012) History of Civil Engineering – 3rd year BA course Civil Engineering for University of Twente – workgroup supervision, feedback and writing skills, grading